Employee motivation is the key tool that can drive a company to better its prospects and productivity both in terms of capital and employee relation. A manager must have the skill to regulate, cultivate and motivate the employees of a company working with a common purpose. The human resource development officer has to maintain a balanced decorum for every individual employee and periodically check whether the performance level to be able to guide a worker. the basic aim is to motivate a employee so that he/she gets the boost to better their performance.
These following steps can potentially motivate your employees:

Tone down your bossy attitude and try to fit yourself in the shoes of your employee and then judge what will work to enhance the comfort level of the person. a kind tolerant attitude helps to strengthen the professional bond between a worker and the employer.

Treat your employees fairly. Do not unfairly discriminate. If there is any confusion at work arrange a personal meeting to talk out their grievance or discomfort.

Never criticize an employee in front of his co-workers. this will pull down the confidence level and the employee will feel unwilling to co-operate.

Incentives are the very useful way of motivating employees. Employee's incentives can be money, gifts, and vacation trips and so on.

Show your employee that you trust them by giving them responsibilities. It will make them feel that they are an indispensable part of your business.

It's important that your employees enjoy the task that they are assigned. Performing the same tasks every day becomes boring for them. Find out what tasks your employee is good at; inspire them and help them enjoy your company.