Employee recognition is very important for a company. This refers to a formal acknowledgement of a person's or teams' behavior, effort or professional productivity that supports the organization's goals and values and increases profit yields. When you recognize people for the work they have done they get inspired. it naturally boosts them to better their performance and inspires to put in their best efforts.

Here are five more reasons to justify the importance of Employee Recognition:

Appreciation is must. Employees respond to appreciation when they are recognized for their work and contribution to the company. it makes them feel that their efforts are valued. And this no doubt makes them satisfied which helps to increase their productivity and efficiency. This way they are motivated to keep their quality and they constantly try to improve it.

Employee recognition works wonder for the success of an organization. So to make your business successful you need to understand the psychology that a good word and encouragement can increase workers capabilities to perform better.

People want to be respected and praised for their work. It is one of the definite ways of helping an employee develop their working skill.

It's a potent communication technique. By recognizing people you are sending your workers a powerful message. It also helps to maintain a friendly relationship between the employer and the employee.

So recognizing and praising employee is a definite condition to have a successful business running for years. The cost of appreciation is nothing when compared to the benefits that a organization enjoys because of dedicated workers.