Recruiter Competes on Master Chef

master chefAs reported by the Seattle Times, a recently laid-off recruiter must be thanking her lucky stars today. Shami Marangwanda of Kirkland was probably still trying to shake the blues when a friend asked her to audition for the new season of Master Chef because she thought Shami was the best cook she knew.

Shami is originally from Zimbabwe and admits she made it to the audition just for the fun of cooking. She used her native style to her advantage adding flavors alien to the South. She says she’s lucky to be at Master Chef because her new employer, Starbucks, decided to allow her the time and space to participate in the competition.

Shami says she loves cooking for friends and family and sometimes posts her cooking plans on her Facebook page; that’s when her friends show up uninvited. She’s no stranger to pressure situations and says she’s enjoying making lifelong friends at the show.

Let’s wait and see how Starbucks’ recruiting is flavored after Shami’s pressure-cooker experience.

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