checkIf you are looking for hourly employment and temp jobs, SnagAJob ( is one of the leading solutions on the web.  As one of the leading career sites on the web, SnagAJob offers a high volume of jobs and employer traffic with a tight focus on the hourly workplace.

SnagAJob Company History

Starting in the year 1999, is one of the older and more established online job resources on the web. While some job sites provided general job search capability, SnagAJob kept a tight focus on hourly jobs and employment. The result of that focus is that SnagAJob now has  a leading position in online job search. SnagAJob is now the number one source for hourly workers to find new jobs (or should we say snag a job.)

The company’s founder, Shawn Boyer, started SnagAJob when looking for a summer job himself. Apparently not finding any great online hourly job resources, he decided to start the service himself. He must have discovered a real need and then executed it well, because almost ten years later, he was named Business Person of the Year by Virginia Business Magazine.

It’s too bad that all people going to SnagAJob can’t snag a job at the actual company of SnagAJob. The company appears to have a close knit company culture, which you can read about on their internal company blog. They have been voted as the 3rd Best Small Company to Work for in America multiple times.

Hourly Job Search Features

Job seekers are offered a good assortment of job search options that are highly specific to hourly job. Job seekers can sort jobs by category (Part time jobs, Full time Jobs, Jobs for Teens, and Seasonal Hourly Jobs) as well as the regular job categories such as Company, Location, Industry, and Position. SnagAJob also has a job alert feature so that workers seeking jobs can be sure not to miss anything.

SnagAJob also provides hourly workers more than job search. The company also offers a number of different member savings and coupons as well as an interesting blog which covers topics relevant to hourly workers. Recent topics have included job networking tips, specific industry coverage, and highlights of companies that are hiring hourly employees. The blog contains some interesting features such as an “Ask the Expert” resource about job search topics.

Recruitment Advertising on SnagAJob

Because SnagAJobs is a highly trafficked website within a highly specific niche (hourly jobs and employment), the job board should be considered for any recruitment campaign or hiring initiative which includes a bulk of hourly jobs.  The job site counts more than twenty-five million registered job seekers, which puts it at the very top of leading job sites in the USA.

Recruiters and employers can try SnagAJob for free through their limited version, and at the time of this writing, SnagAJob has other options of Select or Premium account for $89/month and $109/month. The cost appears to be per location, which could bring the costs up a bit for a larger company, but also demonstrates the site’s focus on hourly positions. Hourly job search is usually confined to a fairly specific geography, so the geographically based pricing structure makes a lot of sense.

Features for employers include access to 6000,000 newly active job seekers, job qualification through job posts, and customized employer pages to feature a company description, highlight company culture, and list jobs.

SnagAJob also offers widgets and job search affiliate programs for publishers, bloggers, and other types of employment related websites. If you run a web resource of any type that has a solid demographic of people who might be interested in hourly jobs, SnagAJob has an “Affiliate Publisher” account that you can sign up for easily. They offer a referral percentage on hourly job postings and a specific commission on any job seekers that you refer to them.

SnagAJob, according to their website, is privately funded by Adams Street Partners, Baird Venture Partners, and Croft and Bender.

Read more about the company through their company webpage…

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