A Job Offer is an approach by a company to a potential employee who may or may not have applied for a vacant position available within the organization. In the case of a candidate applying for an advertised job, this offer will be a formal congratulatory letter extended to the chosen candidate with details pertaining to their start at work and vital information they will need when beginning their new career. On the other hand, a headhunted individual may receive an unsolicited job offer as part of an aggressive strategy to poach talent.

For headhunted individuals, the job offer may very well be the first approach a company makes toward a prospective candidate. As such, the job offer will introduce the interested company and the vacant position they would like filled by the candidate. Other information such as salary, benefits, and the recommended skill set will be mentioned, as will a cordial invitation to an interview (if the job offer is not in itself already final and an evaluation of the candidate's mentality is desired).

When preparing a job offer, it is very important to take into consideration the candidate you are approaching. A review of their fiscal situation, personal bios, or any other information pertaining to their wants, needs, or areas of expertise can help when considering to make the job offer or what that offer should focus on (salary, perks & benefits, etc.) that the candidate will find appealing. Ensuring that you have the right candidate is also important, something that should be reviewed at every step of the recruitment process up to and including the final job offer.