Job trends encompass more than hiring and resource trends - the very nature of work is changing. Rapid technological changes are uprooting entire industries and changing the way we interact in the workplace.

For an example, developments such as virtualization dramatically shape career paths and our daily experience of work. In this example, work has been changed because many employees now work remotely. However, the process of virtualization not only shifts employees' physical interaction, but also the very nature of work. The shift away from personal interaction accelerated the use of project and scheduling tools, which then shaped the very concept of employment. Because of this workplace development, employment itself is now often more project-based and has also shifted towards greater reliance on contingent labor.

Job trends such as the above mentioned example are important to follow, and not only from an academic standpoint. In planning one's career, it is important to consider these developments to ensure the long term marketability and vitality of your skill-set and experience.