The objective of recruitment training is to enhance the skills and working capability of newly recruited candidates. Recruitment training is essential to involve the newly appointed employees in current job position. Training helps to familiarize with the new work environment, work culture and company objectives. Training after recruitment is also helpful for new employees to understand rules and regulations of an organization. Newly recruited employees may take time to understand the work process. Post-recruitment job training is the best way to help new employees commit to their designation and enhance their performance. A perfect training entails all strategies that an employee requires to perform the job well. Mistakes are quite natural for the beginners. They can correct their mistakes through a perfect training. Actually training is a learning process, through which a candidate identifies mistakes, corrects them and tries to omit those mistakes in next attempt.

The success of a training program depends largely on the recruitment trainers. It is essential for a recruitment trainer to possess sound knowledge regarding mission and objective of the organization. A trainer with good technical know-how can help the trainees understand their job quickly. In some cases, the newly recruited candidates are trained to use tools and technologies related to an organization. In such case, the trainer must be efficient using those tools and technologies. Apart from these, a trainer should have great communicating and management capabilities. Training period is the best time to turn a newly recruited into a potential employee.