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Agency recruiter jobs focus on the delivery of candidates for client employers. Find advice for working with agency recruiters and staffing firms, as well as best practices and tips for recruiting.

Agency recruiters are focused third-party and external recruiters that find qualified people to fill vacant job positions in various organizations. Hiring companies use external recruiters to source for, screen and sometimes interview job seekers who are hoping to fill open job positions in companies that are looking for such new hires. These recruiters are usually hiring experts that have the experience and resources needed to reach a large number of potential candidates. Also, people who may be looking for jobs can contact such recruiters in an effort to establish contact with hiring organizations. For the job applicants, using a third party as a middle-man usually has no fee associated with this service. However, hiring companies can expect to pay an associated fee for the service. Fee structures could be on a flat-rate basis or per successful candidate provided.

There are different external recruitment consultancy models that agency recruiters can use in collaborating with hiring companies. These include a purely external recruitment consultancy in which external recruiters remain completely external to the organization. In this model, the client or hiring company goes to the external recruiters with their recruitment requirements and qualified candidates are subsequently presented to the clients. Sometimes, the recruitment experts temporarily integrate themselves within the hiring organization to aid effective sourcing of talented individuals to fill positions within the organization. Such collaborations can occur as needed. Flexible scenarios where agencies work within a client's premises can be beneficial in cost and time savings. These benefits can be quite significant when the hiring organization has many vacant positions to fill or requires staff recruitment on a frequent basis.
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