Candidate Management

Whether you are working in an agency or a corporate recruiting environment, the way that you manage and treat job applicants is an important indicator of success. Find best practices in recruitment, applicant tracking, and trends in the recruiting and staffing industry.

When conducting recruitment activities, there are many facets that are important to the success of the entire process and one such process is candidate management. When a position is open or vacant in an organization, there is usually an attempt to try to get that position filled. In some cases, however, an organization may have open positions which it cannot currently fill as a result of different issues including budget constraints and legal issues. However, where open positions can be filled, a method of managing the individuals who apply for open positions is essential to enhance the success of the recruitment process.

Candidate management begins from the moment a job vacancy is available. Human resources personnel in collaboration with hiring managers or supervisors begin to determine the kind of job candidate who will be suitable for the open position, if these criteria have not been preciously determined. In some organizations, recruitment strategies involve seeking talent in-house before opening up the vacant job position to external applicants. In other organizations, both internal and external applicants are simultaneously encouraged to apply with the internal applicants having a higher priority over external applicants. In some instances, no preferences are used and all job candidate applications, whether internal or external, are treated equally.

If job applicants begin to apply for open positions, human resources personnel monitor and manage their application process including screening candidates to determine the best fit for the position. Candidates may also be scheduled for interviews, informed about employments, sent packages related to their employment benefits as applicable and provided with orientation training.

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