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Not everyone working for the Army is "in" the Army; several hundred thousand civilian employees hold positions as part of essential services supporting regular Army operations. To facilitate applications for these positions, the Army provides links, information and guidelines for civilians who wish to apply for civilian jobs within the Army. The current main link is

As of May 1, 2012, the formerly provided U.S. Army online "Resume Builder" became unavailable and was replaced by information and features at the above-mentioned link.

At, the Army stated, "ATTENTION APPLICANTS: The Army completed its transition to the DoD Enterprise Recruitment Tool (USA Staffing) effective, 1 May 2012. USA Staffing will be the single hiring process and tool used by all DoD components. Effective, 31 May 2012, the Army Resume Builder is no longer available. Resumes cannot be electronically transferred to USAJOBS/Application Manager. Applicants are encouraged to upload their resume into USAJOBS to apply for Army positions. Applicants will be able to view the status of self-nominations from the old system via USAJOBS - My Account - Application Status."

An Army resume submitted by civilians interested in working for the Army as civilians focuses on appropriate presentation of skills, experiences, responsibilities and accomplishments.. Apart from these, it should contain a brief biographical description and relevant qualifications germane to the job position. At, the US government provides a format and guidelines for an Army resume submitted for civilian employment with the Army, according to which, the written information for an Army job application should not exceed three pages. The resume should provide information in three sections focusing on biographical and administrative data, experience, education, training and skills of the applicant.

The first section should include a brief personal description including full name, residential address, phone number, email id and administrative data. Administrative data comprise an applicant's present status vis-a-vis employment and the Army. It should include the applicant's SSN number and relevant job skills. Experience details should mention employers' names, complete addresses, and duration of service. Job experience should include clear information regarding the position title, pay plan, working hours per week, grade, salary, etc. In describing educational qualifications, one should mention the last course, program and credential, e.g., training course or diploma.

Detailed information regarding courses, semesters or quarter hours is a must in the resume. Army jobs emphasize the importance of training. The training one has undergone should be mentioned next. However, the training should be industry-oriented. In the case of U.S. Army jobs, it is necessary to provide one's professional license, certification and registration as well. One can also mention previous work achievements and awards.

The resume can be a typed, printed or written copy. A black ink pen is recommended for hand -written resumes.
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