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Assessment testing is typically a part of the hiring process at most large employers. Formalized testing and online skills-based testing is delivered as part of the initial screening or interview process.

As part of the recruitment process, many companies choose to administer a pre- employment assessment test to help them determine the true quality of a candidate being considered for employment. It is typically the final obstacle standing between an applicant and a job offer, although it may also take place even before the initial interview. This type of test serves to assess the thoroughness of an applicant's job skills in order to gauge the level of performance an employer may expect in the workplace.

Based on the varying needs of a particular employer, the types of questions presented to applicants change. Some organizations may use generic standardized tests purchased pre-written from a supplier, while others may work to develop their own specialized tests. The general knowledge being sought about applicants pertains to characteristics such as job responsibility, honesty, respect, and job aptitude.

Questions gauging responsibility may present an applicant with a hypothetical situation to determine how that person would react were they to find themselves in those circumstances. Answers are typically pre-written and in the form of multiple-choice, so the test-taker chooses from a list of potential reactions. Honesty assessment is undertaken in a method similar to that of responsibility; a hypothetical situation is presented and an applicant must choose from a list of potential responses. In order to measure the respectfulness of an applicant, questions may appear that ask about helping employees in certain situations and responding to criticism about the employer. Skill assessment is addressed through questions directly testing an applicant's knowledge of the subject matter relevant to the job.

The primary purpose of job assessment tests is to determine whether or not an applicant is the best fit for a vacant position. Due to the expense of hiring and training new employees, it is critical that employers ensure that they are hiring the best employee for the job.
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