The Best Careers for Women

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There once was a time when "the best careers for women" were different from the best for men. But that's history and things have changed. The modern woman has twice as many choices: "best careers for women" and "best careers, period". The savvy woman knows the new menu, what it offers and how to find and get what she wants.

What are the best careers for the modern woman? Answers and resources are here and only a mouse-click away.

According to a recent survey conducted by Laurence Shatkin, who wrote the book Best Jobs for the 21st Century, women have reported a high level of satisfaction for the following professions:

1. Teachers in tertiary institutions: Despite the decline of tenure and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projection of modest job growth of 16% between 2010 and 2020 (close to the average for all occupations), the traditional parental and governmental priority given to education and demographic trends suggest at least a stable job market for post-secondary teachers.

Among the factors contributing to job satisfaction in this sector are the high level of intellectual stimulation, the opportunity to maintain and develop personal academic interests, good workplace facilities and amenities, ample holidays, unique opportunities to mentor and personal autonomy.

2. Financial adviser: Financial resource management is, for both those who provide it and those who need it, a challenge that requires, in addition to solid and informed judgment, sensitivity-especially sensitivity to and awareness of the real needs, constraints, resources and circumstances of those helped. The trained mind that can get to the heart of a client's finances, while working with an informed heart of her own, will find this a very rewarding career.

3. Medical professional: The rest of the world has discovered what the Russians, for historical and cultural reasons, realized long ago-women make excellent doctors, medical researchers and laboratory scientists. Now the domains of health care and medicine, in many countries around the world, provide a woman the broadest spectrum of medical career choices ever.

4. Manager: This profession allows women to challenge themselves in running an operation or leading a team to tackle work-related challenges. Many often find this a highly rewarding experience, especially when their leadership skills are acknowledged at all levels in their professional hierarchy.
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