Career Center Resources

Career Center - Tips for Using Career Centers Effectively
A career center usually either refers to a center of professional development for careers, usually managed by an professional or non-profit organization, or the job center/career placement department inside an academic institution. These centers can be excellent resources for finding open jobs, getting a career counselor or mentor, and even getting referrals to specific local employers.
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A career center refers to a resource that has professional mentors who can help with resume creation and employment opportunities. They are primarily associated with academic or professional institutions, or managed through Federal or state programs.

Most colleges and universities now have career and placement centers. College graduates and alumni-members can enroll with placement centers to acquire jobs through campus-selection. Companies when they recruit recent college graduates often tend to select candidates from specific academic institutions. They conduct a mid-term campus interview and finalize future employees for their company. The best thing about a center of career development is this networking benefit, as it allows access to employers targeting the college.

Professional career advisement centers outside of colleges and universities are often funded through governmental programs. Although they typically work with displaced and newly laid-off workers and those in career transition, the resources are typically available to everyone and provided free of charge. They many times receive job opportunities from local employers before they are posted on major job boards, so they can be a good resource for job hunters.

In order to make best use of these career centers, it's important to have a very clear idea of your career goals before getting involved. Having an updated resume and a clear understanding of your job skills is an important first step to working with them. In addition to providing job search resources and employment counseling, these centers can be excellent sources for networking. Networking with other professionals is a great way to land a new position, and getting involved through a career center can be one way to make local professional contacts.