Career Development Resources

Your career is more than just a job. It's an essential part of life. Successful professionals never cease to advance their understanding and knowledge. Continuing your professional education isn't optional anymore; to compete in a tight, internationalized job market, you have to be constantly progressing and learning in order to stay competitive and on top of your game.

Career development is usually education inside of your existing career, such as the development of required technical skills or personal competencies, such as selling or presentation skills. Further education may include educational classes, skill training courses, formal advisement from a company mentor, management training, or personal development through study and self-directed courses.
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What does it take to succeed? Career development should be an area of interest for everyone - professional, trade-person, and academic alike. By developing a formal and well thought out path and plan to advance your career, you will be more likely to capitalize on all available opportunities and live up to your potential.

Where does a development plan begin? A careful and diligent self-assessment should be first step in the process. Examining your skills and abilities in the light of your specific expectations and requirements isn't easy - but it's very possible to do if you make it a regular and expected part of your life.

Developing a plan to grow in any particular career should then incorporate your personal strengths and develop any areas of weakness. The three main areas of professional development (Skill development, Academic Background, and Industry/Professional Experience) should be mapped out in any plan. Clear and simple goals should be set for each area that requires advancement, with practical and tangible steps toward accomplishing each goal.

For any successful person, career development is not a one-time planning event or isolated exercise, but rather a constant process of self-examination and improvement. Leverage every resource that you have at your disposal to meet your opportunities head on. We offer many articles and resources on career planning and advancement, as well as resources to explore the job requirements and salaries of new careers.