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Remember your high school math quizzes and tests? The quiz, you were told, "counts for less". Shorter and less in-depth than "the test," it counted for less of your final mark and accounted for less of what you were expected to know for the much more important evaluation, the big test. Career path quizzes are like that: shorter, less in-depth and with less weighty consequences than career path tests, e.g., the Myers-Briggs type test or formal aptitude tests, such as an IQ test.

The informality, confidentiality, accessibility, brevity and lower cost of career path quizzes makes them an attractive alternative or preliminary to more rigorously designed, heavily weighted, officially recorded and potentially career making/breaking "serious" tests (of the kind administered to job applicants by HR departments).

The trade-off is that in virtue of the wide variability and frequently lower research bars set for them, career quizzes provide results that are only as reliable as the quizzes themselves-unfortunately sometimes a case of "Garbage-in-design? Garbage results." The more authoritative and experienced the quiz provider, the more accurate and precise the quiz results.

Bottom line: To reap all of the benefits of a career path quiz while sidestepping the risks, shop around, stay informed, and choose career path quizzes that will give you excellent guidance, rather than a good laugh.

A career path quiz, like a career path test, is designed to help job seekers and employees assess their strengths, weaknesses, preferences, motivation and fit for various careers. Just as a "quiz" in high school was less intense and exhaustive than a "test", roughly speaking, career path quizzes are likely to be less clinically researched, "scientific" and expensive than tests.

Sometimes a quick, short, free quiz will be best when changing circumstances, self-doubt, self-discovery or simple curiosity will stir questions about how the career sights have been set and about the steadiness of aim.

At such times, a career path quiz might be a useful tool for assessing the right career for yourself or to see whether you should remain in your current profession or specific job. Of course, no career path quiz is infallible, but the better ones can be tools that help narrow down or broaden career options.

From the information that you directly or indirectly provide in your quiz responses (e.g., information about your personality, skills, education, motivation, likes, dislikes, career objectives, etc.), the career path quiz results, when analyzed, will generate a list of suggested careers for you or a personality, skills, etc., profile that can be used to determine a good career match.

By utilizing a career path quiz, you will also gain greater awareness of your own personal traits, interests, and a better understanding of the demand for your current skill sets. The career path quiz can either be a stand-alone generic quiz that has a wide scope, such that it incorporates all aspects and parameters of the career-search process, or it may be one of several other more clinical, weighty and specific tests. The latter can include the Myers-Briggs test, the Keirsey Temperament test, an IQ test, EQ test, career skills test and career values tests.

Career quizzes quiz usually provide an analytical breakdown of the quiz results, followed by a detailed explanation of why some careers might be more suitable for you. With this, you will also be in a better position to make an informed decision when attempting to identify the right career for yourself.

Just be sure to exercise good judgment and caution in choosing a career path quiz. After all, there is no quiz to quiz your judgment about quizzes.
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