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A career placement test is a type of career test specifically designed for individuals in the midst of career change. When considering various industries and professions, it can be a good idea to use testing services to determine how well-suited you are to a particular profession.

Unlike applications of aptitude or achievement test results that are used for competitive screening, career placement tests tend to focus more on "fit" than "fight"-having as their primary purpose helping the career-minded find a best fit between their innate aptitudes, personality and character traits, skills, career aspirations and job opportunities. The skills and aptitudes tested can range from technological computer skills to soft social communication skills.

Of course, if placement test results suggest a bad fit, there may be competitive implications, to the extent that the test has disqualified the job from consideration. However subtle the distinction may seem, in fact, there is at least a psychological and tactical difference between your rejecting a job type and a company's rejecting you. To the extent that a test is taken primarily with the former risk, it will be a career placement test.

Career placement tests are psychometric tests designed to help an individual obtain information about a job, if they are considering a career change. Different career placement tests are designed to measure different variables, including career interests, aptitudes, personality and work values assessments.

A career interest inventory asks a person about various jobs and fields to give that person a sense of what they might be interested in. However, a career interest inventory will not show whether a person possesses the skills necessary to perform a particular job. An aptitude test attempts to measure a person's ability to acquire or exercise different types of skills. This type of test is not designed to measure an individual's current skill level but whether an individual has the capacity to learn or perform. Tests that measure a person's current skill set and level of achievement, for example, a typing or math test, are not considered psychometric tests because they do not require the measurement of innate traits. Personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Personality inventory are designed to help a person learn more about their personality and the personalities of others, especially in the context of personality-determined job suitability.

Additionally, a "work values inventory" is designed to help you find out what is important to an individual in a job-whether that is salary, benefits, atmosphere, working hours or something else. Many people, especially first-time job seekers, tend to overlook work values as a factor to consider in making a career choice.

Besides being used just for prospective candidates in a particular career or industry, these assessments are often used by employers for their current employees to help with team-building and skills development for working together. Designing and implementing organizational change and/or team structure and management changes often requires further assessment and metrics from employees. These tests provide the necessary data for organized and rational organizational changes.
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