Community Service

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"Community service" can enhance or detract from a resume, depending upon whether it is voluntary or mandated by a court under terms of a criminal verdict and sentence. If a job applicant has performed voluntary community service, such as working with senior citizens or on an environmental clean-up project, it may be wise to make the voluntariness of that clear.

On the other hand, if community service has been required by a court ruling, the possible negative impact on a job prospect may be offset by the positive contribution to the community and to personal development and atonement it represents. In any case, it will be a matter for very thoughtful deliberation on both the employer and applicant sides.

Work that is done for the community is usually referred to as "community service". It is a type of work that people do without expectation of or right to any compensation or service in return. It can also be referred to as a "donation" of time, talents, goods or services, because of. Alternatively, it can be mandatory, as part of a criminal court judgment and sentence.

Voluntary community service may be provided by local groups, families, schools, religious organizations, public and private organizations, professional organizations and many more people. Sometimes, young offenders who are experiencing teachable moments are encouraged or assigned to do community service in an effort to change their ways of thinking and enlighten them about other choices they could be making.

Likewise, for many classes of misdemeanors, adults may be sentenced to hours of community service. More serious convictions, e.g., for drunk driving, may also include community service as part of the sentencing, in addition to more serious penalties, such as substantial fines and loss of driving privileges, if not actual incarceration or home arrest.

Of course, these penal concepts of individual community service should not be confused with civic-minded volunteering on behalf of a community. Only the latter looks good on a resume. Corporations, as "juridical persons", i.e., legal persons, likewise, can perform community service in each of these two ways-as altruistic volunteerism or in compliance with a court order.

Schools may also decide to perform community service acts as a way of giving back to their community. It can be a way of thanking a group of people for their support. It can also be a way to ensure that the community as a whole comes together to perform activities that are team-building in nature. For example, community activities can be used to clean up a local town hall or bring the community together for other purposes.

There are also organizations that are strictly or primarily focused on giving back to the community, e.g., various lodges and charities. Less altruistic motivations can be served and of service through community involvement. Purely altruistic community service is far likelier than publicized service to be anonymous. Corporations and celebrities that are media interviewed or that spend substantial sums of money to advertise their community contributions will normally have compound motivations as well as positive goals of benefit to the community.

Likewise, many students looking ahead to acceptance at a higher-rung school or a job offer consider documented community service as an effective way to do good and do well.
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