Corporate Communications

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Although "corporate communications" can evoke lopsided associations with corporate propaganda, it is a function that plays a vital role in the creation, dissemination and validation of objective, useful information essential to the relationships of a corporation with its clientele, employees, government and general public.

The days of informal enterprise communications typified by the friendly corner butcher genially informing Mrs. Weismann of the day's discounts are numbered where not already long gone, especially in litigious societies, where disclaimers, defenses and other declarations are routinely required for organizational survival.

Like most other corporate functions and tasks, communications has been delegated to full-time experts, who although working hand-in-glove with other elements of the organization, exist as a separate, if not fully autonomous enterprise arm.

Corporate communication can be defined as a department or management function similar to operations like finance and marketing, dedicated for the distribution of information to key communities to execute corporate business strategy. It also functions to develop internal and external messages for a wide variety of purposes for the organization.

The main constituents of corporate communication are advertisement, marketing communication and marketing & public relations.

Currently it functions as the public face, if not the conscience of a business or other organization, and the reputation of that organization hinges on it. In this new century, corporate communication plays an especially prominent role because of the frequency, scrutiny, scale and dissemination of corporate, governmental and other organizational scandals. Basically this department supervises the strategy of communication, relations with media, internal communications, corporate responsibility and management of reputation.

In any corporate communication approach the key role of an organization is to incorporate the political supports, economic resources and the knowledge offered by each stakeholder. The department of corporate communication is responsible for producing a yearly report, brochures for product or service promotion and effective communication among the employees. To have a good business and brand value in the market, each organization should have well planned, well structured and properly assessed corporate communications.

Corporate communications of an organization or institution may involve strong platforms from which it can express its views, defend its reputation, etc., such as TV channels,social media, organizational websites, e-mail, mobile and printed publications. Presentations and team briefings can also be other media for corporate communication of an organization, institution or firm.
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