Cover Letter Examples

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Hunting for examples and samples of cover letters is a useful effort in preparing a cover letter, but one that can carry risks if misdirected into merely copying a specimen cover letter without tailoring it specifically to the position applied for. The dangers include the possibility that it is so widely used verbatim that it has become recognizable as at least cliched or worse, plagiarized.

Another hazard is that it my merely overlap the position applied for, rather than being a perfect match. In that instance, it will seem obvious to the reader that either it's been lifted from some other source or that the writer doesn't have a clear idea of what the job is or requries.

A cover letter is a letter sent with a resume explaining what the job seeker wants and highlighting how the job seeker can help the company. The purpose of a cover letter is to grab the attention of the human resource professional reviewing the letter to get him or her to take the time to review the job seeker's resume in more detail.

Because arguably the cover letter can be the most important document moving forward to obtaining an interview, viewing examples of cover letters can be extremely helpful. Samples of cover letters are available online, and there are also cover letter building services available online for job seekers.

However, again because of the importance of the cover letter, while viewing samples of cover letters is helpful, copying cover letters by only changing a few words here and there will not be (except when copying and making changes in one's own very original, yet appropriate letter).

A human resource professional may view over 200 or 300 resumes in one day, depending on the number of positions that are being filled at his or her company, and the number of applicants for each position. The job seeker's cover letter has to attract the HR professional's attention to the attached resume in a positive fashion by emphasizing how the job seeker is uniquely qualified to fill the open position, or is at least a serious contender.

A "canned", parroted or pirated cover letter simply cannot be expected to do that. In addition, such a formulaic or cliched cover letter will not take into account the different situations in which a cover letter might be employed; a cover letter might be going with a resume for an advertised position, or the cover letter might be sent with a resume that is essentially a "cold call," where the company is one at which the job seeker wants to work but at which there is no currently advertised position available.
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