Cover Letter Templates

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In selecting a cover-letter template-a standardized or customizable "blueprint" for structuring and filling in a letter of introduction and application as a companion document for a resume, the writer should look for one that encapsulates as many of the general essential features of an effective cover letter in the selected industry without it's being too specific and germane only to a job position of a type other than the one being targeted.

In this respect, a good template is like a good wrench: suitable for the specific task at hand, yet adjustable enough to deal with specific variations on the task as they are encountered.

There are plenty of cover letter templates on the Internet, as "cover-letter template" Google search will reveal. Of course, finding is always easier than selecting from among those found, and caution should be exercised to ensure that indeed the template is appropriate, comprehensive and focused enough for the job sought.

A cover letter template provides a job seeker with a standardized or customizable format to follow while writing a cover letter. The template typically will cover the information that should be included in the cover letter, including the proper forms of address, the salutation, and the body of the letter. The body of the letter needs to introduce the writer, explain why he or she is writing, detail the position he or she is applying for along with where the job was advertised, explain why the individual is interested in that particular job at that particular company and then provide contact information in case the reader has any questions that the resume normally attached to the cover letter does not answer.

Many word processing programs will have cover letter templates that come with the program, or which can be downloaded for free from the software company's web site. In addition, there are many other free sources of cover letter templates on the Internet. However, in selecting a template, the writer should remember that a cover letter needs to be specifically tailored to the job being applied for, so the template should be used as a general guide as opposed to a straitjacket.

In addition, the writer should select a template that at least appears compatible with the format of the resume that he or she is sending with the letter. As an extreme example, if the resume is printed on sedate, heavy weight paper, a cover letter printed on bright pink paper with purple polka dots would be jarring, to say the least. Since most differences will rarely be that extreme, a human resource professional may not consciously notice a difference between the cover letter and the resume, but the difference will register at least unconsciously and could affect the HR person's impression of the job seeker.
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