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Before searching for examples of CVs, it is important to be clear about whether a CV is what you should be submitting, as opposed to a resume. Although the 2-page resume is a popular standard, if not requirement, a CV can be much longer-and indeed may be expected to be so. However, the positions for which a CV is appropriate are most commonly academic, e.g., teaching positions, research, post-doctoral and other fellowships, or grants and funding applications.

Used more loosely, the term "CV" is applied as a variant of "resume", although strictly speaking it is distinct. In either case, examples are just that examples and not perfect equivalents of the documentation you should submit. Either they will be too abstract and general for your purposes or the examples will differ from what you require with regard to the specifics. In searching for or utilizing sample CVs or resumes, it is important to determine the requirements for specific job categories and to be sure to tailor one's own documentation to those standards.

When getting ready to write one's curriculum vitae or resume, it is a good idea to consider examining examples of successful CV's written by others to see what has worked for them or to review recommended form and content for positions in specific enterprises or for other applications, such as funding and grant submissions. A job hunter should never seek to get an example of a CV just to be able to copy it; remember that the CV is a highly individualized, thorough synopsis of the job hunter's qualifications and a copied CV cannot accomplish that.

If the job hunter has access to someone already working for the company or university he or she is applying to, obtaining a copy of that person's CV may be extremely helpful. While that type of access is rare, Internet searches should provide a fair number of sample CV's directed towards different types of position. When searching for sample CV's to get the job hunter started, the job hunter needs to remember that a CV and a resume are two different documents. The CV is meant to be a lengthier, more formal, highly job-specific synopsis that goes beyond broad employment experience into academic and publication realms. The second thing the job hunter needs to consider in searching for sample CVs is the type of job for which he or she is going to use the CV.

International employers, who often expect to receive a CV instead of a resume, will expect more personal information and more general, broader employment information than an academic institution might, in addition to the greater wealth of other detail and longer overall document length of a CV,.

The third thing that should be considered is that a CV is not a one-size-fits-all type of document; it may be necessary to obtain more than one example and prepare several versions of the CV targeting various areas of employment or academic pursuits in which the job hunter is interested.
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