Disability Living Allowance

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As is the case with most social welfare programs, what is called "Disability Living Allowance (DLA)" in the UK has roughly corresponding counterparts in other countries that have contrasting eligibility conditions and benefits. For example, unlike some programs in the United States and Canada, U.K. DLA does not require recipients to be unable to work.

Because U.K. DLA costs have tripled in 20 years, in part due to other less strict eligibility requirements, e.g., only occasional medical proof of need, the program is being phased out, to be replaced with the Personal Independence Payment, which the government claims will save billions of pounds between 2013 and 2016.

Until then the DLA program will remain in effect, as will its terms and benefits. Details of the new PIP, slated for implementation in April 2013, are available at this U.K. government site.

Great Britain's "Disability living allowance", which is scheduled to be phased out in 2013, and replaced by a "Personal Independence Payment", is also referred to as "DLA". This kind of allowance is a benefit that is provided eligible individuals in the U.K. with physical or/and mental disabilities that require management or treatment.

Eligibility requirements include being under the age of 65 and having had mobility needs or care needs at least for the last six months more owing to a physical or a mental condition.
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