A Day In The Life of a Modern Recruiter

The Internet has altered the way in which candidates go about applying to jobs, which means recruiters have had to adjust their tactics in order to find and hire the best talent. Today’s recruiters aren’t just recruiters: They’re also marketers, content creators, social media experts, tech experts, and data scientists. In this eBook, we explore how the right tech makes it possible for recruiters to juggle all of these roles with ease.

We’ll take a look at six tech-related trends that are shaping the future of talent acquisition right now. By getting ahead of the curve today, recruiters can gain powerful competitive advantages and build the sort of recruiting and hiring processes that will carry them into the future, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

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A Day In The Life of a Modern Recruiter
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What you will learn in this eBook

If you want your recruiters to succeed in today’s world, the most vital thing you can do is choose the right software suite. The best tech solutions will allow your recruiters to be marketers, social media experts, content creators, tech experts, and data scientists, all at once.

The Evolution of Recruiting
The New Roles of Recruiters
A Day in the Life of a Modern Recruiter
Anyone Can Be Tech-Savvy With the Right Software

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A Day in the Life of a Modern Recruiter

Our recruiter arrives at her office a little before 9 A.M. She settles in with a cup of coffee and gets to work on her first task of the day: employer branding. She knows that it’s critical to do at least a little branding every day – that’s how she keeps her organization at the top of her candidates’ minds.

First, she logs in to the corporate Twitter account to share a great new article from the company blog. That way, she ensures that the organization’s social media presence is engaging and informative. Twitter’s not just another job board for her!

Then, she logs in to her own Twitter account and LinkedIn profile, where she shares a video from yesterday’s in-office team-building activity. The high-energy video shows her followers what her company is really like – a fun, exciting place full of passionate employees who work hard and play hard.


Introduction: The Evolution of Recruiting
Recruiter as Marketer
Recruiter as Content Creator
Recruiter as Social Media Expert
Recruiter as Data Scientist
A Day in the Life of a Modern Recruiter

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A Day In The Life of a Modern Recruiter