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 If indeed it is possible and common to be both—to be a "Type AB" personality, can these opposite traits be reconciled, mutually compensatory or complementary, harmonized and/or integrated, for example, in one or more of the ways our individual and collective competitive and cooperative tendencies, traits and behaviors can and are?

>> The Hybrid Personality Type "AB"
Imagine: Depositors in principle allowed to queue up at bank wickets to redeem their dollars for labor, rather than for gold, or at least to feel reassured knowing that something very valuable, viz., labor, is backing their money, instead of worrying that they are saving and being paid fiat money backed by nothing (physical) they can identify, save official assurances and common consent that it is money. Under this scheme—which, as will be detailed below, has been implemented more than once in world economic history and on a massive scale—money becomes what in principle, if not in daily practice, amounts to a labor voucher, receipt, invoice, bond, I.O.U., or coupon.

>> Labor-Backed Currency
If you are fearful that robots are going to "take 'ar jobs!", you need to know that there's something else they may take. If the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs May 31, 2016 Draft Proposal is any indicator, robots may as "electronic persons"—sooner than you might ever imagine or fear—also take their place in the civil rights, social security and supermarket queues and arenas, and perhaps even in a jury or witness box (e.g., in liability cases), or ultimately even in the voting booth.

>> EU-Proposed Robot Rights
Even if professional passion is explicitly, unequivocally and unanimously definable, questions remain: Should passion be any of these things listed? Should it be a prerequisite, expectation, concomitant or—as Alexander Pope framed it—master or slave of some (which ones?) or all jobs? When, if ever, and in what forms, is work (job or career) passion a delusion, a deception, a danger, an illusion, an encumbrance, handicap or otherwise a "mistake" and liability?

>> Professional Passion
Embracing the folk-wisdom that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", some job hunters push the pedal to the metal and try to win the job race by supercharging their job search with grandstanding, attention-grabbing, often outrageously dumb or brilliant gimmicks.We've all heard, read  or told stories about how some desperate, audacious, (over/under-) imagin

>> Attention-Grabbing Job-Hunting Gimmicks
Two of life's biggest career decisions and influences involve ponds. The first is whether to choose a career path that will take you up an advancement ladder or, instead, to a lifelong generally easier-than-a-climb skate on, around and across at least one comfortably flat pond (allowing for jumps from one "steady-state" pond-based career to another equally flat one). This is the choice between "upward" career growth vs. unchanging career equilibrium in a "horizontal" job (or jobs) that doesn't change or evolve much.

>> Big Fish in a Small Pond
The main purpose of this report is to examine the history, evolution and limits of the concept and forms of economic (specifically, job and worker) productivity at a time when human productivity is on the verge of being eclipsed by autonomous artificial and alternate biological systems (such as genetically engineered waste-disposing bacteria, chimera (spliced species), cyborgs or "GMH"—genetically modified humans).

>> The Limits and Concepts of 'A.R.A.I.'
Does cold calling still work—and if so, with what sorts of approaches, tactics, enterprises and jobs? After all, a lot has changed or disappeared since the advent of the digital communications age, so it is fair and useful to ask whether cold calling has become as obsolete, weird, inefficient, risky and ineffective as a 19th-century cold-box refrigeration or primitive Cold War-era spy telecommunications.

>> Cold Calling
We have to brace ourselves for a scenario in which ever-increasing numbers of people will, before long, find themselves in post-employment circumstances without ever having actually been employed. That is what will happen if they are qualified only for jobs that are going to be entirely handed over to Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, or "ARAI," technology (especially if more conventional, less-intelligent "automation" is also conceptually tucked in under the ARAI umbrella, reframed as "Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence").

>> Preparing for Survival
In addition to any vagueness about the (untested or unexamined) multiplicity of ways to bring jobs home, the challenge of thinking clearly about and succeeding is compounded by vagueness and ambiguity of some other key concepts central to bringing jobs back to America (or anywhere else, for that matter).

>> Bringing Jobs Back to America
All of the analysis, arguments and evidence have been compiled in this report to establish that, as a minimum and contrary to the sensationalist headlines and extreme claims it has not been conclusively proved that birth order has no effect on personality, character or career. Indeed, much of the evidence suggests quite the contrary—that as countless researchers, common sense, history, cultural and sociological phenomena suggest, birth order—at least in combination with other variables—has had and continues to have effects on much more than the debate about it and the personalities of those debating it.

>> Birth Order
Personality and character have always been career glue. Job skills, innate talent, the right education, experience, great references and all of the other essentials of self-marketing in quest of a job or a promotion can be blown away like useless confetti, unless solidly cemented together by these two identity-defining elements.But anyone - especially and including millennials - who fails to cultivate and display the right (or any) personality and character may blow the job interview or the promotion, and, like beach sand, be brushed off, no matter how much the job blows them away.

>> Millennial Self-Marketing
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