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Labor-Backed Currency: Historical Curiosity or Viable Concept?

Imagine: Depositors in principle allowed to queue up at bank wickets to redeem their dollars for lab

EU-Proposed Robot "Electronic Person" Rights: the Good, the Bad and the Scary for Human Workers and Employers

If you are fearful that robots are going to "take 'ar jobs!", you need to know that there's somethin

Professional Passion: What It Is, Isn't, Should and Shouldn't Be

Even if professional passion is explicitly, unequivocally and unanimously definable, questions remai

Attention-Grabbing Job-Hunting Gimmicks: When They Work, When They Fail and Why

Embracing the folk-wisdom that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", some job hunters push the pedal

Big Fish in a Small Pond, or Small Fish in a Big Pond?​ - A Second Critical Career­Path Choice

Two of life's biggest career decisions and influences involve ponds. The first is whether to choose

The Limits and Concepts of 'A.R.A.I.'-Threatened Human Job Productivity

The main purpose of this report is to examine the history, evolution and limits of the concept and f

Can the Right Kind of Cold Calling Still Get You a Good Job?

Does cold calling still work—and if so, with what sorts of approaches, tactics, enterprises an

Preparing for Survival in a Post-Employment 'ARAI' World

We have to brace ourselves for a scenario in which ever-increasing numbers of people will, before lo

'Bringing Jobs Back to America': What Does That Mean and How Could It Be Done?

In addition to any vagueness about the (untested or unexamined) multiplicity of ways to bring jobs h

Birth Order: No Personality, Character or Career Connection?

All of the analysis, arguments and evidence have been compiled in this report to establish that, as

Millennial Self-Marketing: Too Much Persona, Not Enough Personality and Character?

Personality and character have always been career glue. Job skills, innate talent, the right educati
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