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Digital Structured Interviews: The Secret to Doubling Your Recruiting Success

Hiring managers often trust their guts when making hiring decisions. The problem is, our guts are te

4 Ways Recruitment Technology Can Help You Deliver a World-Class Onboarding Process

Onboarding is the best way to boost new hire productivity, employee engagement, and overall retentio

Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software

Altogether, recruiters in the U.S. spent a combined 82 years -- yes, years -- reviewing resumes in J

Networking 101: What You Need to Know for Networking Success

Let's face the facts: employers and recruiters are much more willing (and more likely) to hire indiv

10 Predictions About the Evolution of Applicant Tracking Systems

For applicant tracking systems, this is the dawning of a new era. The ATS is evolving right before o

How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter

In recent years, the phrase "recruiting analytics" has been bandied about a lot. Rather than skim th

Labor-Backed Currency: Historical Curiosity or Viable Concept?

Imagine: Depositors in principle allowed to queue up at bank wickets to redeem their dollars for lab

EU-Proposed Robot "Electronic Person" Rights: the Good, the Bad and the Scary for Human Workers and Employers

If you are fearful that robots are going to "take 'ar jobs!", you need to know that there's somethin

Professional Passion: What It Is, Isn't, Should and Shouldn't Be

Even if professional passion is explicitly, unequivocally and unanimously definable, questions remai

Attention-Grabbing Job-Hunting Gimmicks: When They Work, When They Fail and Why

Embracing the folk-wisdom that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", some job hunters push the pedal
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