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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Team for Your Startup

When your startup is just getting off the ground, you need to make some careful hiring decisions. Yo

Posthuman Economics: New or No Economic Roles for Most Humans?

We are racing to the threshold of what futurist author, lecturer and NYU Abu Dhabi Professor Ted Chu

Walk The Walk: Exploring the Anatomy of a Great Job Description

A quick scan of job adverts on job boards and careers sites shows that many employers are missing a

3 Interview Strategies That Will Change Your Hiring Method For Good

Interviews spark fear in 92 percent of the talent pool, and that apprehension could result in poor i

A Revised Model and Reassessment of 'Flow' at Work and Play

Some say that the way to conduct one's personal life is to 'go with the flow.' Relax, let yourself b

The Millennial Mind on the Couch and in the Office: Psycho-Cultural Hypothetical Analyses

Instead of generalizing about what the Millennial mind "really" is or what it ought to be, or what p

The Monkey's Paw Test: a Reverse Turing Test for Foolproof Office Robot, A.I. and Staff Instructions

What will happen if a sophisticated A.I. system (especially an "autonomous" one) interprets its dire

The Concepts of Millennial Narcissism and When It Matters: An Employers Guide

Because "narcissism" means different things to different people and in different domains (e.g., pop-

H-1B Foreign Worker Visas and 'Disreplacement': Are Guest Workers Supposed to Supplement- or Supplant- Domestic Workers?

Increasingly porous national borders, migrant waves and the ongoing easing of other migration/immigr

Fair Wage: An Analysis of a Very Slippery Concept

It's a fair question: "What, exactly, is a 'fair wage'?" Everybody who works wants one that's at lea

Need a Better Job? Here's How to Get It the Right Way!

Want to kick start your stagnant career? Our eBook gives you the tools and techniques you need to co

Bring Your A-Game: Prep Tips to Help You Ace That Interview

Like them or not, job interviews are a necessary part of the hiring process. So, let's face job inte
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