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The world of talent acquisition technology is a wide one. Applicant tracking systems; candidate relationship management tools; employee referral platforms; psychometric tools: the list of talent acquisition technologies seems ever-lengthening. So how can you decide which technologies are right for you, and which will be the most effective? Our answer? Look no further than video. Here's how video is transforming talent acquisition once and for all...

>> Lights! Camera! Action!
In today's competitive job market, all employers and recruiters are clamoring for the best talent for their organizations - but are finding trouble communicating to these candidates. They need to show talented individuals that they are the company of their dreams, but are limited to do so through job postings. How can companies express themselves and draw top talent in through job descriptions? It's plain and simple - they must get creative, get to the point and use these tips!

>> Entice your candidates
The thought of a career change is enough to paralyze most job seekers with fear. However, there are many ways to successfully make a career change without risking your current position, finances, and reputation as a professional. In fact, more and more companies these days are becoming accepting of candidates with a little less experience, and a little more willingness and capability to learn. If you're feeling sick and tired of your current position or simply that it's time for a new adventure, we have a step-by-step guide for you on how to change your career without a hitch!

>> Take the next step!
Retirement age standards, policies, customs and traditions are virtually universal in modern economies, but the concept of a  "retirement age" is ambiguous, meaning or comprising at least eight very different things.

>> Ready to Retire?
It's estimated that 47% of all jobs in the U.S will be completely replaced by computerized competitors, including robots, A.I. software, automation and other "smart" technologies that not only do what we do, but also do it better, e.g., faster and cheaper.If your job isn't as cerebral as a Master's program or is a craft requiring great manual dexterity and artisan skills, it too may be subject to "jobliteration"-the obliteration of jobs, even though with variable degrees of likelihood, depending on the job.

>> Will Your Role Be 'Jobliterated'?
To grasp what corporate culture is, what it should(n't) be and why it is important, one eye should focus on the chic and cachet of the branding and marketing buzzword and another on the "business anthropology," sociology and systems theoretic understanding of it.

>> Learn is Corporate Culture?
Effective recruitment strategies are a pivotal aspect of procuring and retaining high-quality talent to contribute to an organization's success. Since all recruiters and companies are dealing with the "talent problem". it is important that they differentiate themselves with new and powerful hiring strategies so that they can stand out in the eyes of candidates. But how can you get top talent to notice you in this extremely saturated and competitive market? It's time to try these four unique recruitment strategies the next time you're looking to fill one - or many - important positions.

>> Learn the Four Tips for Hiring Success
Working in the recruitment and hiring industries has made one thing very clear: finding and hiring the best talent available is not an easy task. Even if you had an endless source of qualified candidates to choose from, the real challenge is revealed when trying to entice individuals to leave their current situation and work for you.Find out the tips and tricks for making your workplace the best in the business in "How To Create A Company That People Want to Work For"!

>> Learn How to Attract Candidates
We've all heard this advice before: "When your job makes you unhappy, it's time to leave." This unhappiness can manifest itself in multiple ways: stress; anxiety; anger; depression. But whatever your specific form of unhappiness, the general consensus is that an unhappy worker is a worker who needs to jump ship.If you are feeling that enough is enough and it's time to move on, this eBook will give you all of the steps that you need to follow to make sure that your transition goes smoothly and that you can further advance in your career.

>> Ready to Make the Move?
Many workplaces are going through a bit of a crisis. Staff engagement levels have been stagnating for many years, with polls showing that a massive 87 percent of employees are disengaged; meaning they lack motivation, are unhappy, and - in extreme cases - are liable to spread negativity. If this is a problem within your organization, it's time to engage your employees and make a positive change for your company! Learn how inspire your team and make them want to work for you!

>> Engage Your Employees
The following report is to be regarded as a limited commentary on, (meta-)analysis of and collection of suggestions regarding "expert" legal advice and opinion on employment contracts.

>> Have You Read the Contract?
Whether you are a poacher or one of the poached, carefully thinking about and assessing the rights and wrongs of poaching and the most common defenses of it may make you a better or (morally, if not legally) better-prepared person when caught up in corporate poaching.

>> The Dos and Don'ts of Poaching
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