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Many workplaces are going through a bit of a crisis. Staff engagement levels have been stagnating for many years, with polls showing that a massive 87 percent of employees are disengaged; meaning they lack motivation, are unhappy, and - in extreme cases - are liable to spread negativity. If this is a problem within your organization, it's time to engage your employees and make a positive change for your company! Learn how inspire your team and make them want to work for you!

>> Engage Your Employees
The following report is to be regarded as a limited commentary on, (meta-)analysis of and collection of suggestions regarding "expert" legal advice and opinion on employment contracts.

>> Have You Read the Contract?
Whether you are a poacher or one of the poached, carefully thinking about and assessing the rights and wrongs of poaching and the most common defenses of it may make you a better or (morally, if not legally) better-prepared person when caught up in corporate poaching.

>> The Dos and Don'ts of Poaching
What are the odds that all of that college and university time, money and the associated alternative cash-flow opportunities will have been squandered in the pursuit of a dream job doomed to elusively recede into the permanent fog of the 21st century?

>> What's Your Degree Worth?
This report will undertake a logical examination and assessment of the "Big 5" personality tests and their value to beginners, who are unlikely to have a background in psychometrics and advanced statistics.

>> Are You Ready for the Big 5?
Whether you are just entering the workforce or are looking to advance in a long-standing career, it is important that your resume reflects who you truly are as a candidate. This eBook will cut through the noise and varied opinions on what should or should not be included in a resume and will give you 3 incredibly important secrets for a successful resume. Learn how to make a memorable impact on the employer of your dreams!

>> Learn the Secrets
Do you think you would recognize job "burnout" if you saw or had it? Do you think that you at least know what it is? A comprehensive meta-analytic study of burnout research, news stories, etc., might reveal that burnout is actually a family of concepts.

>> Don't Burn Up!
Does the combination of "high load" and "low latitude" (or, correspondingly, "high demand" and "low control") correlate with substantially heightened risk of cardiovascular disease?

>> Too much work?
Applied to the personnel assessment and survey fields, the "garbage in, garbage out" mantra validly sums up what happens when a flawed question or psychometric inventory "item" is posed to elicit an output response.

>> Ask the Right Questions
The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce as of 2015. Is your company ready to hire millennials, but also understand them as individuals and employees? Learn about what millennials want in their careers and how YOU can manage them.

>> Ready to Inspire Millennials?
A key challenge to work futurists and those who rely on them is to consider the logically possible and imaginable ways in which work without jobs (or even without exchange) might be sustained in a world without jobs.

>> Dystopian Future? Or Near Future?
Ready for your next interview? To help you prepare for anything an employer might throw at you, this eBook explores nine common interview types and how to dominate each one.

>> Prepare For Any Interview
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