Keep Your Head Above Water: 3 Ways to Build Your Talent Pool

Roughly 75 percent of organizations are on what seems like an endless search for specialized talent to fill niche roles. The new trend (or more like daunting task) today is the constant search for ways to build and grow talent pools so that employers can come in contact with as many talented individuals as possible. Thankfully, there are great "tried and true" methods as well as modern strategies that can be used to build a large base of candidates. If you're finding that your pool of great talent is at an all time low, try out our fool-proof strategies:                    

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Keep Your Head Above Water: 3 Ways to Build Your Talent Pool

What you will learn in this eBook

It's time to think outside of the box and explore in new areas for talented employees:

Explore employee referral programs
Implement remote hiring
Get social with your recruiting
Take ownership of your company's talent pools

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Get Modern with Remote Employees

Hey, 1995 called. It wants its ancient hiring methods back. Seriously though: the way we work has changed. Our jobs no longer need to determine the cities we live in. Modern communication tools, high-speed Internet, and portable computing have all made it possible to work from any location in the world.

For employers, this is a big deal. With such a large talent pool to choose from, remote employers are able to find much higher quality candidates and save money by reducing office space and salaries. In fact, we may one day wonder why offices ever existed in the first place...


Involve the People with Employee Referrals
Get Modern with Remote Employees
Tap into the Social World
You Can Sink or You Can Swim

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Keep Your Head Above Water: 3 Ways to Build Your Talent Pool