Talent 2025: 6 Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition Today

In this eBook, we’ll take a look at six tech-related trends that are shaping the future of talent acquisition right now. By getting ahead of the curve today, recruiters can gain powerful competitive advantages and build the sort of recruiting and hiring processes that will carry them into the future, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

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Talent 2025: 6 Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition Today
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What you will learn in this eBook

By adopting a strategic, data-based approach and taking recruiting into the social and mobile worlds, recruiters gain a whole new arsenal of tools to improve hiring speed and quality. It’s an opportunity to have an impact on business results.

How Data Analytics Drive Recruiting Strategies
The Rise of Employer Branding
Mobile-First Hiring: A Critical Component
The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing

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Trend No. 1: Data Paves the Way for Strategic Recruiting

Today, recruiters have an unprecedented opportunity to use data in strategic ways. With data and analytics tools at their fingertips, recruiters can uncover patterns in their processes. Identifying these patterns can help recruiters tweak what isn’t working and invest more time and resources in what is working, leading to increased organizational efficiency. Recruiting dollars can be spent in ways that guarantee returns.

By tracking source of hire data, recruiters can see which sourcing methods are working and which ones are not. This allows them to refine their efforts and focus on sourcing channels that bring in the most high-quality candidates. Recruiters can also investigate cost-per-hire data and identify ways to lower recruiting costs while maintaining efficiency.


Trend No. 1: Data Paves the Way for Strategic Recruiting
Trend No. 2: More Flexible Forms of Employment
Trend No. 3: Employer Branding and Consumer Candidates
Trend No. 4: Professional Development: The Best Perk Yet
Trend No. 5: Mobile-First Hiring Processes
Trend No. 6: Recruitment Marketing Gets Sophisticated

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Talent 2025: 6 Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition Today