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If you are looking for a new job or hiring and recruiting talent for your organization, you need to stay up to date with the most current developments in the labor and job markets relevant to you. Our site offers resources for employment news, including labor statistics, employers on the move, job trends, and the latest job market news.

Employment news is the latest information about job markets. It can be national, state, local, or even organizational. It covers unemployment rates, job trends, education advice, career advice; closings of factories, companies and stores; companies that will be hiring large numbers of people, and more. Practically anything having to do with the job market can be found in news about employment.

Organizations can benefit from keeping current with the news. Tracking trends in employment and looking at what potential employees are looking for can help in recruitment and retention. Knowing what the most common college majors and graduate ambitions are can help the human resources department write job descriptions to match them.

Organizations can also make announcements under employment news, such as press releases about the opening a new facility, to get a head start on recruiting. People looking for work can use news to find leads. Students can use news to help them choose their major or companies to target. Individuals wanting to make a career change can use news to decide which path to take.

News can be found on job search websites, other websites dedicated to covering the job market, or organizational websites. Local newspapers often have a section for news about employment. Employment news can be published daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly-and now, because of online reporting, can be updated in ways that traditional print media are not designed for.

News about employment is often an indicator of the economy as a whole and sector trends. In general, whether you are looking for new employment opportunities, managing employees, or recruiting new talent for your organization, keeping up to date with employment news is a good idea-before it and you become history.
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