How to Choose a Career

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Choosing a career is a major milestone in our lives, whether it is after graduation or when one is seeking a career change. For most of us, we would like a career that best suits our interests such that we can enjoy our work at the same time. For others, financial remuneration might be of top priority. Given the above, it is inevitable that different people will have varying criteria for choosing a career that they like. Nonetheless, there are some basic tips for consideration when you are mulling over what career is best for you.

Firstly, think about where your interests lie. For example, are they in the arts or sciences, or do you prefer working all by yourself or in groups? Secondly, what are the financial rewards from this career? While you might not want to spend your whole working life chasing after money, what is the minimum requirement that will keep you in good financial shape, as well as allow you to support your family? Thirdly, does the career provide interesting challenges or the potential for future advancement? If you do not envision yourself doing the same thing over and over again for the next few decades, you might want to find a career that gives you the greatest flexibility and variety of job descriptions. Fourthly, think about how much time this job will take up in the course of your daily life. While you might enjoy doing the work, does it take you away from other priorities in life, such as family, friends and your social life? If so, you might need to balance the pros and cons before deciding whether this is the career for you.
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