HR Assistants

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An HR assistant helps out in the HR-related administrative duties, such as updating personnel records, keeping track of the employees' address changes, changes in their job titles, benefits and salaries. The nature of the assistant's tasks and workload also depend on the size of the organization. For example, in a large organization, an HR assistant can also be called upon to help screen job candidates.

In addition, depending on the organization itself and the nature of the work, an HR assistant can be paid a monthly salary or hourly wages. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of HR assistants, with growing automation of work and outsourcing of HR-related administrative work, will gradually decline in the future.

Most organizations prefer their HR assistants to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. They should also have basic computer skills, and knowledge in filing and maintaining filing systems, as well as some understanding of HR practices. In the HR department, the HR assistant usually helps senior staff members with HR-related matters and reports to the HR Director.

While there is no definite job description, the HR assistant's job responsibilities can be generally described as follows.

* Handling performance management systems
* Recruitment
* Manpower planning
* Orientation programs for new employees
* Keeping records, filing, and maintaining filing systems
* Training programs
* Employee communication
* Compensation and benefits administration
* Organizing activities or reviewing policies related to staff welfare
* Assisting with the daily operations of the HR department

The human resources (HR) assistant provides human resources assistance to the HR department. This includes supporting all human resources functions that are needed in an organization such as recruitment functions, training functions, layoff functions, employee support functions and others. Due to the wide variety of functions that can occur within the human resources department, individuals in this role are usually busy and become well-trained to handle complex functions as well. In this role, individuals are responsible for supporting HR initiatives and projects. In a large organization, multiple projects involving human resources could occur simultaneously.

Other duties include creating reports and maintaining data in databases or Human Resources Management Information Systems (HRMIS), assisting with payroll procedures, providing employees with relevant information, performing analysis of HR processes and systems, providing feedback to HR management, recruiting new employees, conducting exit interviews and assisting with layoffs and terminations. Administrative functions that relate to HR may also be required.

Where HR supervisors and manages require support such as the verification of employment records and references, the HR assistant is usually able to provide assistance. Conducting research on new or updated reporting regulations and information privacy guidelines are part of this position. When new job vacancies become available, this individual may also need to assist in gathering information that will help to formally describe the position and associated tasks and responsibilities. The assistant also assists the hiring managers in posting vacant positions and monitoring the job applications that the organization receives for the position. Other duties for this position include screening job candidates and setting up the interview process. Accuracy and attention to details is also important for success in this role.
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