About HR Directors

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Like a football head coach, an HR director has to set, assign, review, revise and refine all tasks related to the performance of his team. Also, like a head coach, the HR director has to monitor the flow of policy and instructions through his or her assistant coaches, down to the level of the team at the field level. As dependent on feedback from "below" as any sports coach, an HR director must be prepared to modify approaches and flexibly adapt or switch tools and resources as required or advisable, often on the basis of employee inputs.

This oversight covers both the supply and demand side of HR management: On the one hand and on the employee "supply" side, the HR director must make certain that the "human resources" for which (s)he is responsible supply as optimally as possible whatever the job demands. On the other hand, the HR director must also ensure that the company supplies the requisites for effective and efficient employee performance, e.g., compensation and safety requirements.

The HR director is the head of the HR department of an organization. In short, he manages the entire department's work, such as the provision of HR-related services, policies, and programs for the organization. As long as the responsibility is HR-related, it will fall under the HR director's purview. Some general categories are as follows.

* Recruitment
* Manpower planning
* Performance management
* Compliance with employment-related and other regulations
* Development of HR policy
* Communicating and explaining the organization's HR polices to employees
* Compensation and benefits administration
* Workplace safety issues
* Staff welfare
* Provision of employee services
* Staff termination

Given the myriad responsibilities of the work, the HR director usually oversees the strategic issues (such as policy reviews), while leaving the daily operations to the other HR staff. The primary objective of the HR director is to create an employee-oriented and efficient working culture in a working environment conducive to boosting the productivity of the organization. This can be achieved through appropriate HR polices to facilitate the recruitment, retention and development of a better workforce.

Generally, organizations prefer candidates for this position to have extensive experience in managing an HR team, especially in a senior position. The HR director should be able to build strong working relationships not only with his department staff, but with other department heads too. He or she should be a team player, who can serve as a role model and source of professional knowledge. Moreover, the director has to inspire confidence of the senior management through the timely delivery of information and plans as well as have the ability to work collaboratively with a variety or people so as to make informed decisions about HR-related issues.
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