They say you should fake it until you make it.

And while this advice is a bit suspect is certain situations — you wouldn’t want to fake driving a car before you could actually drive it, because, well, we know what would happen there — it turns out to be incredibly apt when it comes to confidence.

By now, you may have heard of “power poses” — poses that actually make you feel more confident simply through the act of doing them.

Building confidence is, in general, a matter of adopting the habits and manners of confident people. The more you act like a confident person, the more confident you’ll feel, which makes acting confident more natural, which will make you feel even more confident — you get the picture. It’s a self-reinforcing circle of confidence.

Ready to start building confidence today? Then check out this infographic from personal lenders Pounds to Pocket. In it, you’ll find ten quick ways to start appearing and sounding more confident right away:


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