Young man typing on a keyboard in front of a computer screenThis new year of 2013 will have a lot to offer for the recruiting world and here at we’d like to give you a heads up on what’s to come. We’ve compiled the expertise and insight from some of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable experts to give our readers an exclusive look at the current and upcoming trends in recruitment technology. From CEOs and VPs of HR and recruiting startups to HR technology consultants and business writers, this insight from the field’s best is sure to help jumpstart your recruiting success in 2013.

So far, our experts have highlighted trends in social media, talent communities and mobility. Take a look at the latest trends for applicant tracking systems and new techniques for the application process offered by six experts:

Massive move toward adding selection data and tools into “applicant tracking systems” (ATS)

For the past 15+ years, the ATS has primarily served as a repository for resumes, with some basic workflow tools and reporting thrown in.  2013 will usher in the early adopters for what we refer to as a “selection management system,” or “smart ATS.”  I think 2013 is year two of a five year cycle that will produce the next generation of talent and selection platforms.

These systems will use a combination biometric data and proprietary algorithms to predict which candidates are likely a fit, and which are not.  Think of this as the evolution from keyword matching to “DNA matching” that’s company-specific, job-specific, and much more accurate.  These systems will come vertically integrated with lots of other tools that support decision-making, things like online skills testing and background checks, and they’ll be offered at prices that will make the legacy vendors start to look over their shoulder.

Adam Robinson, CEO, Hireology

Data capture from view to application to hiring outcome (with or without ATS) will develop to a more mature state

Recruitment technology trends in 2013 are going to be driven by customer need and not the other way round. Employers, especially large enterprises, will need to develop effective recruiting programs targeting returning veterans, individuals with disabilities, and special minority groups where unemployment is high (African Americans, Hispanics etc). Therefore, job sites will need to have mechanisms to reach these audiences through targeted on-line inbound/outbound marketing programs, user experience, mobile apps, and social media usage.  Employers will need to collect and analyze data to show their progress in hiring from these groups.

Rathin Sinha, President, America’s Job Exchange, Inc.

Transformation of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and the application process

According to recent TMP Worldwide metrics, many employers are now seeing upwards of 20% of total traffic to career related properties from mobile devices.  And the quarterly growth is double-digit.  However, it remains a challenge for those candidates to turn their interest in to an application, principally because of the often cumbersome apply process.  What’s necessary to solve this is primarily cooperation between the ATS’ and the behaviors candidates will demonstrate they’re comfortable with.  For some this will mean using their LinkedIn profile.  For others this will mean using a resume they’ve stored locally or, more likely, in the cloud.  For everybody else; a form that will inform a recruiter and not frustrate a candidate.

Todd Maycunich, VP of Product Innovation, TMP Worldwide

Use of self-serve assessments

Self-serve assessments let the candidates validate who they are and why they would be a good fit for the company. Gone are the days when a candidate had to meet with 12 different people before being hired. Instead they’ll be able to invest 30 minutes or an hour validating their skills and showing recruiters why they’re a great fit at the start. These evolving recruiting methods will help employers fill positions more quickly and enable them to build more meaningful relationships with candidates sooner.

Chip Luman, COO, HireVue

Recruiters increase cloud-based products

We will likely see a rise in the use of cloud-based products that enhance the recruiter’s ability to more efficiently match job seekers with the right opportunities.

Also, technology is helping recruiters pinpoint and widen the base of eligible people to fill available positions. Gone are the days of cold calls. We now live in an era of highly targeted recruiting driven by data and research. When a recruiter places that call, he or she knows they are calling someone who is well qualified and a highly viable candidate.

Patrice Rice, Patrice Associates

The ultimate goal of every company investing in their ATS and upgrading the application process is to hire and retain talented workers. Check out what Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor career and workplace expert, had to say about retention in 2013:

Technology will focus on retention

Recruiters are hungry for technology that helps them understand what candidates are the ‘right’ fit in the short and long-term and how to retain current top talent.

According to a recent survey, one in three employees will look for a new job in the next year. While this may be a good sign for those looking to hire this year, it also means that retention efforts are critical in 2013.

Glassdoor research also shows that when candidates have access to information about a job and company – before deciding whether to apply or accept a job offer – employers have seen an approximate average of 22 percent reduction in turnover. *Based on analysis between 2011 and 2012.

Interested to learn what else is in store for recruitment technology in 2013? Stay tuned for our next article in this exclusive 2013 recruiting tech trends series.

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