UmbrellaThe dreaded turnover rate. That’s one of those percentages we don’t like to see increase regularly. Losing employees and onboarding new ones is costly and exhausting. Here are a few ways to halt your growing turnover rate:

1. Offer Employees the Opportunity to Grow

No employee wants to feel stuck. Have a conversation with your employees about their roles and goals during the onboarding process. That’s something we practice here at

Make it known that employees can come to you about improving their current roles or progressing toward new ones. Be able to suggest ways to improve and how often promotions can happen.

Additionally, employees may have some skill sets you don’t know about. New technologies are being introduced every day, and those who grow up using those technologies as second nature can provide the company with assets never thought of before.

Ask employees about their talents, what programs they’re familiar with, and what connections they have. That communication alone can open doors for your employees and your company.

2. Establish an Awesome Culture

Going to work shouldn’t feel like a chore. Creating a great environment, consisting of a stellar staff and frequent team activities, builds camaraderie and creates memories.

Change ManagementStartup companies are known for fostering open communications and great work-life balances. These companies welcome opinions and suggestions, knowing that at the end of the day, it’s all for the benefit of the company’s growth.

Here are some simple suggestions for building a great workplace culture and keeping your employees engaged and motivated:

  • Supply employees with their favorite snacks.
  • Hold monthly get-togethers outside of work.
  • Allow employees to work on schedules that support their lifestyles.
  • Incentivize employees to achieve and exceed their goals.
  • Host influential speakers in the office.

This list from Business Insider highlights some other startups with unique cultures. Reading the post may give you some great ideas for improving the culture at your own company!

Find ways to build an awesome company culture both inside and outside of the office. Post photos of team gatherings and celebrations on social media. Share with the world how awesome it is to work at your company.

3. Keep Up With Training

The last thing an employee needs is to feel lost. Changes or additions to a company can be frustrating to employees who learn about them too late. Frustration and tension build as employees play catch-up, and it’s not uncommon for those feelings to ultimately cause carelessness, absence, and departure.

RunnerUse learning software to keep employees from feeling lost. At, we use our own learning software to onboard our employees and create and share knowledge on topics and that other employees may be interested in.

Our app allows quick changes, easy sharing, and automated tracking. Within the software, administrators can create lessons from scratch, assign the lessons to individuals or groups, and change the lessons at their convenience.

This kind of software is great for companies learning to onboard new employees, preparing employees for certifications, announcing changes to processes, or just regularly refreshing teams on company information.

Talking about roles, creating an open culture, and keeping employees in the loop makes them comfortable and keeps them motivated and working hard. Your employees should walk into work with some pep in their steps — not ambivalence.

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