Within an organization, the high-volume functions can be some of the most difficult to recruit for. This is doubly true in industries like healthcare, hospitality, and retail, where organizations often face high turnover rates and surpluses of entry-level workers.

When it comes to filling high-volume roles, having the right recruiting software on your side is imperative. Unfortunately, with thousands of available platforms all claiming to be the best, the buying process can be anything but straightforward.

Today, we’d like to offer an overview of the challenges high-volume recruiters face and the key features to look for in a recruitment software solution designed to handle those challenges.

The Cutthroat Reality of High-Volume Recruiting

As SHRM editor Roy Maurer writes, “The large candidate pools for mostly entry-level jobs that high-volume recruiters source from can offer nearly unlimited choices, but must be constantly managed through the talent pipeline due to high turnover and candidate fall-off rates.”

In their day-to-day activities, high-volume recruiters often face the following challenges — among others:

- Filling multiple positions per day
- Meeting tight deadlines
- Managing candidates through slow-moving, complex interview and offer processes
- Keeping large numbers of candidates engaged
- Providing a positive candidate experience at all times
- Intense competition for entry-level talent

What to Look for in a Solution

While high-volume recruiting is never a breeze, its challenges can be managed with the right talent acquisition software. When you’re in the market for such software, be sure to ask yourself:

1. How Can the Software Best Serve Us?

Are you struggling to get candidates in the door? Then a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) focused on sourcing and job ad distribution is your best bet.

If a lack of candidates isn’t your problem, but managing the influx of them is, then look for an ATS that provides scheduling features and internal management for interviewing and screening functions.

2. How Important Is Compliance?

Are you recruiting for high-volume roles in an industry subject to tight regulation, such as healthcare? If so, you’ll want software that helps you maintain compliance with each hire.

3. How Many Hires Do You Need to Make, and How?

Hiring 100 people for 100 different roles is a different process from hiring 100 people for the same role. Map out your exact hiring needs in terms of vacancies and the amount of people you need. Some high-volume recruiting solutions claim they can hire multiple people at a time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can handle hiring 100 people at once.

4. What Is Your Price Point?

ATSs are available at all price points. More importantly, higher costs don’t necessarily translate to more features. Carefully weigh each ATS’s functionality against its price tag before making a choice.

These are not the only considerations you should take into account when shopping for a high-volume recruiting system, but they do form the foundation of a successful search.

Remember: The right software solution is always the one that meets your organization’s unique needs.

A version of this article originally appeared on the WCN blog.

Jeanette Maister is managing director of the Americas for WCN.

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