Male Professional Finding The Job By Clicking The ButtonSo, you’re on the job hunt and have uploaded your resume to job board databases like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder but you still haven’t received any bites? Do you ever wonder why it seems like your resume gets lost?

Martin Yate, author of the “Knock Em’ Dead” series, breaks down why this usually happens in his article, “Resume Getting Lost In The Resume Databases?” He writes:

How database searches work: A company needs a new Operations Manager, and the recruiter logs into a resume database and types “Operations Manager” into a dialog box. S/he then moves to the next dialog box and is presented with a basic list of keywords often used to define the responsibilities of that job, this list is then added to with the recruiter’s additional requirements.

The search feature of the database reviews all resumes in that database, ranking your resume by the number of relevant keywords it contains. The higher your resume’s ranking, the more likely it will get read by human eyes. Add that recruiters never read more than the top 20 resumes and you can see why the average resume is challenged in this environment; especially when many of these resume databases contain millions and tens of millions of resumes.

If it seems like you aren’t having any luck with the mega job boards, why not try “opting in” to ZipRecruiter’s resume database?

ZipRecuiter is a job distribution service specifically designed to connect employers with the right candidates. With one click, employers can post jobs to 40+ job boards and reach millions of job seekers just like you.

When you create a free profile on ZipRecruiter, the company gives job seekers the option of opting in to its resume database. But why is it a good idea to do that? It is, after all, yet another database, right?

1. Exposure

The resume database automatically makes your resume searchable to thousands of recruiters and employers who use ZipRecruiter. And, unlike other job boards, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your personal information will just be “floating” out there online for anyone to see. Should you decide to opt-in to the database, the company assures that “your personal information can only be seen by paid customers of ZipRecruiter.”

2. Mobility

We all know how convenient it is to apply for jobs on-the-go. And the same is true for recruiters sourcing top talent. ZipRecruiter offers mobile-optimized pages so recruiters and hiring managers can easily view your resume on mobile devices. The mobile option also allows you to apply via mobile devices, making it a win-win for both hiring managers and job seekers.

3. Resume Scoring

ZipRecruiter has partnered with to give employers the Bright Score automatic resume scoring. When recruiters see a candidate’s resume in the database, the tool will automatically determine candidate fit in the areas of experience, skills and education.

In other databases, your resume may just be added to an immense pile of other job seekers’, but with ZipRecruiter your resume could be filtered to a select group of resumes for an employer to view. This not only cuts down the work for employers, helping them get back to candidates sooner, but it puts you at an advantage as the job seeker.

4. No Job Scams

Ever see those job ads that offer a ridiculously high compensation for little work and don’t even include the company’s name? “Want to earn X amount of money?” or “Come work for a fast-paced…” but the job posting doesn’t really tell you anything? Most often these vague listings are that way because they’re job scams, and no job seeker wants to waste his/her time sifting through those.

With ZipRecruiter, you can search for jobs worry free as the company works hard to ensure all job postings are safe and legitimate. It even has a customer service team that manually reviews jobs, so job seekers won’t have to be bothered getting “fake hits” on their resumes.

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