Stressed Businessmanwith head down at deskThese are tough economic times we’re living in and jobs are in short supply, so it can be especially difficult to find yourself in a position where you are unhappy to the point of thinking about quitting. If you quit, you might not be able to find another position quickly enough or the next place could be even worse. However, staying could present just as much of a dilemma given the circumstances.

The following four signs are telltale indicators that it may be time to start looking into other prospects and think about ditching your current job once and for all:

1. Just the thought of going to work makes you feel ill. You most likely know the feeling, because it accompanies any situation that’s become intolerable for one reason or another. You get sick to your stomach when it’s time for work. Maybe you even vomit or experience diarrhea and other physical symptoms on a regular basis because of job stress. Many people get headaches or even migraines when they think about a job that’s outlived its usefulness. No job should make you feel sick at the mere thought of being there; so, if yours does, that’s a sign that something needs to change.

2. You find yourself constantly making jokes and firing off one-liners about quitting your job or firing your boss. We’re not talking about once in a while eithermore like all the time. Sometimes humor can be a defense mechanism that hides a deeper, more serious level of dissatisfaction with a given situation. If you eventually find yourself not  only joking more about quitting your job but complaining in earnest about it to just about anyone who’ll listen, it might be time to fly the coop.

3. Your heart’s just not in it anymore. Maybe you’re making a lot of careless errors at work that’s just not like you to make. Maybe you’re catching yourself spending more and more time daydreaming when you really ought to be working instead. Sometimes people even reach a place where their boss has officially noticed that they just don’t seem to care anymore. Whatever the case may be, this is usually a sure indicator that maybe your job has outlived its usefulness and that you’d be better off finding a position that’s more stimulating.

4. You keep getting passed over for raises, promotions, or better opportunities. Sometimes a given position can just begin to feel thankless in every sense of the word. You could well be working hard, doing everything that’s expected of you plus going the extra mile, but still not really be recognized for all that you do. You never seem to be the guy up for promotion or being offered a raise for a job well done. Maybe there just isn’t much opportunity for advancement at the company where you work. Whatever the case, it may be time to think about leaving if you just don’t feel like there’s a place for you to grow at your job.

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