Apps CollageIn the KMPG whitepaper, Rethinking Human Resource in a Changing World, they outlined three strategic challenges that talent managements professionals are likely to face next year. The two challenges that interest me here are the need to be able to manage the new global, flexible and remote workforce and the need to be able to predict future talent needs and shortages using data analytics, which is known as predictive analytics.

Because so many of these challenges will be addressed by using enabling technologies, I thought this would be a good time to outline some of the key HR apps on the market, which can help HR professionals align themselves with the modern age. We have recently covered hiring based apps, so I will focus more on HR or ‘At Work’ apps.

Peoplefluent Mobile Talent Management

This is a mobile app, which is an extension of their talent management system, which allows HR professionals to bring all the information together—concerning compensation, hiring, employee performance and leadership development—on to their  smart-phone. This apps means that HR professionals have actionable decision support data concerning their global workforce at their fingertips, whether they are at the desk or on the go. This is a key tool that enables a mobile HR professional to have ongoing visibility into a mobile workforce.

Kronos Workforce Mobile

This is also a mobile extension to their PC based attendance management system, which enables effective mobile-based time management of a mobile workforce. Managers can use this app to approve staff time cards and time off requests and staff can use their mobile devices to view schedules and submit time punches. Another great tool for managing a mobile workforce.

ADP’s Run Mobile Payroll Solution

This a great little mobile extension that enables payroll managers and staff to administer payroll from a mobile device. The systems allows users to view and update payroll data on the go, along with editing pay rates, pay periods, enter vacation and sick time, as well as compute taxes. I admit that having access to this much financial power from a phone does sound a little risky, but according to ADP the security features mean that users can control access to data and ensure that personally identifiable data isn’t left on the phone.

SuccessFactors’ BizX Mobile

This is a great enabling tool for HR and managers in the age of a mobile, virtualized, global workforce. This app includes a mobile organizational chart, which enables users to quickly find and locate subject matter experts using their smart-phone. This is a great tool that enables HR and Managers to more effectively connect and engage with a distributed, virtualized global workforce.

Acquire InSight

This is one of the new exciting predictive analytics tools, which will enable both line managers and HR to assess and analyze workforce trends (this is a mobile app too, although more suited to a tablet). The system allows users to analyze critical trends and model workforce scenarios using a range of work force planning tools. It includes a range of “boardroom ready” digital dashboards so you can engage more effectively with senior management in their own language, which should become the language of HR too. The system allows users to understand the direction and financial impact of future trends.

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