March 16, 2015

5 Ways to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Video Interviewing

You’ve just received a new job order, and you have the perfect candidate in mind. Unfortunately, after viewing the candidate’s resume and looking over your notes, your client isn’t convinced this person is right for the job.

As the competition for top talent grows, recruiters and staffing pros must strive to set themselves apart in an effort to find quality talent and retain happy clients. One surefire way to do this is by incorporating video interviewing tools into your recruiting process.

Recruiting great candidates is a dynamic and continuous process — one in which up-to-the-minute data and innovative tools are needed to succeed. What difference can video interviewing have on your recruitment efforts?

1. Improve How You Market Candidates (and Yourself)

Say goodbye to the days of sending scattered interview notes about individual candidates to a client. With the incorporation of video interviews, you can provide clients with high-quality live or one-way video interview recordings.

Sending a visual presentation is much more representative of both your work and the candidate. Now, instead of having to read about job candidates and determine if they’re worth bringing in for an interview, clients can see candidates for themselves, before investing valuable time and money to meet with candidates in person.

The ability to view recorded video interviews enables your clients to make more informed decisions and provide you with prompt, meaningful feedback on candidates. It simplifies the process for all parties involved — not to mention the fact that it gives you a competitive edge over recruiters who are still doing things the old-fashioned way, i.e. relying on hefty amounts of notes to sell candidates.

2. Coach Candidates Along the Way

Imagine being able to walk job candidates through their initial interviews. Too good to be true? With one-way video interviews, candidates can record their answers to a series of predetermined questions in an allotted amount of time, making coaching easy.

Help candidates put their best feet forward by reviewing their answers, pointing out what they can improve on, and having them rerecord, if necessary. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Rather than having to remember all of your tips regarding the interview, candidates can apply them right away. This ensures that you’re showcasing each candidate’s sparkling personality and profound professionalism to your clients.

3. Increase Collaboration

You want to give your clients what they want, but finding out exactly what it is that they want can be a challenge. When clients are able to see candidates the way you see them, however, you can gain much more insight on client needs and expectations.

Allow your clients to outline exactly what it is they like and don’t like about a candidate by supplying them with interview recordings. Some video interview platforms even allow you to comment and rate candidates, which makes the overall collaboration process much easier. The feedback that you get from clients can help you provide top-notch candidates and further set yourself apart from the competition.

4. Recruit On the Go

Consider this: nearly half (43 percent) of job seekers have used their mobile devices to engage in job-seeking activity. That being the case, recruiter should be able to find, evaluate, and even place candidates while on the go as well.

Platforms specifically designed for video interviewing often promote mobile recruiting through the addition of mobile applications. These apps make it easy for you to view video interviews when — and where — it is convenient for you.

5. Expand Your Talent Pool

Having a large and readily accessible talent pool is a great resource for recruiters and staffing professionals. Looking at candidates for previous jobs can speed up the time it takes you to find and place great talent.

With video interviews, if a candidate doesn’t work out for one client, you’ll still have their video interview on file for future job orders. Seeing that 49 percent of job placements are made by using candidates from internal databases, building a strong library of job candidates is a must.

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