Woman-stretched-out-on-couch-on-laptopPopular telecommuting jobs site FlexJobs reported that between 2007 and 2010, the site experienced a 400 percent increase in job postings denoting a remarkable increase in work-from-home positions in addition to other positions with flexible hours. In explanation, FlexJobs founder Sara Sutton Fell stated that much of this increase was due to companies cutting costs through offering more telecommuting opportunities.

“When we first started the site a little over five years ago, it was mostly call
center work, writing jobs, computer positions and IT,” said Fell. “Whereas now, medical and health account for the biggest proportion of jobs, followed by education.”

While work-from-home positions also tend to be very competitive and typically offer a lower wage, there are plenty of options available even after filtering out the
obvious scams. And although the economy is currently experiencing a modest upswing, all signs point to an ever-increasing number of telecommuting opportunities nationwide. Take a look at some of the less conventional jobs available for the wannabe telecommuters.

Physical Therapist

Though it may at first seem silly to consider physical therapists working from home, the idea begins making more sense when you understand work will be done in the patient’s home. This position lets licensed physical therapists develop, assess, and implement custom training routines for patients over the Internet with the occasional home-visit to ensure proper implementation and adequate progression.


Large healthcare providers, such as Humana and UnitedHealth, offer telecommuting opportunities for work-from-home pharmacists. However, this isn’t the typical pharmacist position in that the focus is not on customer service and prescription order filling but
on developing strategies and conducting research for medical treatments.

Social Worker

Positions in social work often don’t follow the standard procedures for the typical office job; instead workers frequently visit the homes of clients for consultations and other purposes. However, telecommuting social workers need not visit the office at all. Though not widely available and region-specific, some companies, such as OptumHealth, offer full-time positions where social workers may consult with patients online in order to develop proper medical care regimens, investigate insurance options, and engage patients in community programs.

 Executive Assistant

Many job responsibilities of executive assistants (EAs) require you to be in an office. Telecommuting EAs may work to coordinate surveys, create travel advisories, and correspond with corporate officials through email or phone.

Team Manager

Managing a team doesn’t have to take place in the office. While most (if not all) available positions for telecommuting team managers are strictly regional, most job
duties are performed in a home-office environment.

FoodSafety Inspector

Food inspection from home? Well, not in the traditional sense. But certain dependent food certification groups are beginning to offer jobs to food safety auditors to
analyze food safety claims; though the job does typically require long-distance travel to carry out certain inspections.

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