February 16, 2017

6 Ways to Showcase Your Soft Skills


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Today’s Question: How can job seekers convey their soft skills, either on their resume or in an interview?

The answers below are provided by members of FounderSociety, an invitation-only organization composed of ambitious startup founders and business owners.

Angela1. Use the ‘Layover’ Test

Be real. Convey your personality and your skills in teamwork, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communication. Think of the interview as a conversation.

Also, think about Google’s “layover test”: Whom would your potential employer rather be stuck in an airport bar with on a six-hour flight delay – you or another candidate?

Angela Delmedico, Elev8 Consulting Group twitter16

uchechi2. Create a Two-Way Relationship

Make sure to include a cover letter that is not boilerplate. Connect to the interviewer as a person first by asking questions and find out more about the company from them. It’s a two-way relationship.

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson, Linking Arts Web Design & Development twitter16

steve3. Be Personable

Too many times, I’ve watched someone who looked great on paper completely flunk an interview because they didn’t have people skills. Distinguish yourself by being friendly, cheerful, and thoughtful. When you’re asked questions, answer them with stories. Show the interviewer that you’re a logical thinker, a hard worker, or a team player through your own personal charisma.

Steven Buchwald, The E2 Visa Lawyer twitter16

arry4. Be Consistent

It’s important to be consistent, whether online or offline. If the job you are seeking requires a detailed person, make sure the resume shows attention to detail. In an interview, it is important to ask clarifying questions and take notes to demonstrate attention to detail.

Especially for small businesses, employers are generally interested in an applicant’s ability to deal with ambiguity and work independently. Show up on time, ask clarifying questions, take notes during the interview, follow up, and reference personal details from interactions with the interviewer. Watch out for inconsistencies in grammar and formatting.

Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com twitter16

ajmal5. Give Examples of Your Skills

I believe that examples are the best way to show your soft skills. If you can show how your soft skills helped your previous company meet new targets, then you are taking advantage of your soft skills to the best of your ability.

Ajmal Saleem, Suprex Learning twitter16

jessica6. Express Yourself

We look for many things in a potential candidate during an interview. Communicating in body language is just as important as verbal skills. So, showing an openness to answering questions and speaking about experiences with a positive attitude is always favored. Also, confidence can be conveyed through the way you dress, shake hands, and carry yourself.

Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs twitter16

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