newsPayroll services and benefits administration giant ADP has announced additions to its free ADP Mobile Solutions application. The core program gives employees of U.S. ADP clients the ability to access many payroll services, benefits information, and HR resources from their smartphone or other mobile device. The new expansions on the popular app include enabling employees to view current benefits plans including plan and coverage type (i.e. medical, visions, etc.), plan deductions and covered individuals, recording and storing ID card images (available only for iOS), and access information such as balance and goal amounts, plus view claims information and payment status about FSAs.

Don Weinstein, Senior Vice President of Product Management at ADP said, “We’ve expanded the functionality of the industry’s most popular employee self-service mobile application, and made it an even more compelling and useful mobile tool for workers on the go. Demand for our app continues to grow, as an increasingly mobile workforce seeks quick and easy access to more and more information about themselves, wherever and whenever they need it.”

VDC Research Company, along with the ADP Research Institute, found that the use of the mobile app has helped to increase productivity and increase overall employee satisfaction with their benefits package and plan administration. The ADP Mobile Solutions app is available for Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.

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