partnershipuAttend is a company dedicated to delivering efficient employee time management systems for over ten years now and has recently revealed that Allied Time USA will be a certified online reseller of uAttend solutions.

According to Chad Buckmaster, CEO of uAttend, “Allied Time USA is a valuable addition to our resale and distribution network. The combination of their online retail expertise in time and attendance software along with our innovative line of time clocks will ensure a partnership that is mutually beneficial. We are confident that Allied Time USA will bring our reselling division to a new level and better serve our customers.”

uAttend’s state of the art products offer swipe-card time clocks, biometric ‘fingerprint’ time clocks, and mobile smart phone applications for employees to clock in and out. Its products cater to both small and large businesses.

Commenting on uAttend’s service, Sam Trivett of Allied Time USA states, “We currently have a 100% satisfaction rating in every single instance where uAttend has been deployed. Their wide range of self-configuring hardware, as well as their unique interface architecture is fully supported by an extremely talented U.S. based technical staff that always goes the extra mile.”

For more information on Allied time USA, visit For more information on uAttend, visit

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