incident management for nonprofitsAllSector Technology Group, a provider of cloud based software solutions to the nonprofit sector, has announced the availability of its latest version of AllTrac Automate Incident Management and Reporting (IM&R). The web-based solution provides comprehensive tools to manage all business processes associated with initiating, recording, tracking, investigating, and analyzing adverse events to mitigate risks.

AllTrac AutoMate (IM&R) allows nonprofit organizations to simplify the collection of all information related to an incident in real-time. The new tool is HIPAA compliant and automatically notifies and alerts to the need for a review, amendment, and approval of information to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Key features of AllTrac AutoMate (IM&R) include:

• A secure, web-based solution allowing access from anywhere, at any time, with proper credentials.

• Automatic generation of government compliant forms and reports.

• Central repository to analyze all incident data and identify trends; mitigates risk by identifying areas of improvement and helping users implement corrective action plans.

• Easily configurable for data exchange with additional reporting systems; exportable to Microsoft compatible products.

“AllTrac AutoMate (IM&R) was developed from more than 16 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations,” said Stu Myer, President and CEO of AllSector. “This highly configurable incident management and reporting solution allows nonprofit organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to all adverse situations. Our goal is to help current and future clients utilize a system that adheres to industry best practices, while meeting the legal, technical and procedural needs of responding to any incident.”

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