February 8, 2013

Americans Judge Interview Process in HireVue Survey

hire vue logoHireVue, a leading on-demand, digital-interviewing platform, has announced the results of a survey investigating American workers’ attraction to their most recent job interview. The results found that 35 percent of women and 28 percent of men rated the experience as “love at first sight.” An additional 30 percent reported the interview process akin to a game of “playing hard to get. Respondents who felt the process was “hot at first, but then fizzled fast” numbered 20 percent while 18 percent felt the process dragged on into a “three-month affair.)

“Interviewing is a courtship to one of the most important relationships for Americans – their job,” said Kevin Marasco, chief marketing officer at HireVue. “In the job interview process, both falling in love instantly and playing hard to get may cloud a candidate’s judgment in assessing the opportunity at hand. Instead, job seekers should strike an objective middle ground, treat their resume like an online dating profile, and the interview process like a blind date.”

HireVue likens the interview process even more as one similar to a dating relationship, in that applicants should expect employers to research their online presence, particularly within social media communities. The company suggests job seekers expect recruiters to check social media for:

• The top ten results for the applicant’s name on one or more major search engines;

• An applicant’s Twitter use and number of Twitter followers;

• Size and quality of a LinkedIn community;

• Number and quality of LinkedIn recommendations;

• Publicly available Facebook content;

• Klout score.

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