newsMobile Application Management (MAM) company Apperian has announced its Epicenter “social corporate directory” app aimed at the mobile workforce in addressing the problem of keeping workers connected and sharing knowledge. The iPad app functions as a one-stop information hub sharing relevant information about everyone at an organization. Accessible information includes standard corporate data such as professional biographies, lists of work experience, and industry expertise, in addition to LinkedIn integration which expands available data to personal profiles and networks.

Functionally, Epicenter offers features such as navigation through formal and informal connections such as teams “find similar” searches. The app’s multifaceted search allows for employee identification by skill, experience, or location and shows an employee’s online status and physical location. Connecting with employees is as straightforward as conventional social-networking websites with personal user profiles including photos, educational background, and skill sets and real-time status updates organization-wide.

Epicenter utilizes popular built-in iPad communications tools such as Facetime, iMessage, and email to coordinate communications between co-workers.  Additionally, the app features the ability to create on-the-fly temporary or semi-permanent groups that function only as long as they are needed.  Reinhard Schumak, Director of Product Management at Apperian stated, “As businesses embrace mobility, it becomes more and more challenging to locate and coordinate the key people within a company. Epicenter solves this problem,” he continues, “Epicenter is a beautiful and intuitive App that leverages the capabilities of the iPad to enable co- workers to visually navigate the organization, not just the org chart.”

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