NewsAdvanced Personnel Systems (APS), known for their applicant tracking system SmartSearch, has recently enhanced their flagship offering with the apply with LinkedIn button functionality. SmartSearch recruiters can now include the button as part of their job postings, allowing candidates to submit their LinkedIn profile in lieu of a traditional resume.

LinkedIn, the worlds largest professional network, launched the innovative button late July this year, allowing job seekers to leverage their social media presence in response to job postings. The “Apply with LinkedIn” button has been steadily spreading across the web onto company websites and various platforms.

“LinkedIn has become a top resource for recruiting professionals,” said Doug Coull, CEO at APS, “For many, it has become the site of choice for sourcing, research, business networking, and relationship building. Integration to LinkedIn in any aspect of our candidate management process is a hot-list item for our engineering team.”

SmartSearch already has a number of advanced integrations that build on top of LinkedIn features:

  • SmartSearch users can post jobs to their LinkedIn status update, linking back to their company website and sharing the posting with selected groups and contacts.
  • Users can also use a “Company Insider” feature that identifies valuable contacts within an organization and keeps a tab of the ones who already LinkedIn connections.
  • SmartSearch users can automatically capture job seeker’s LinkedIn profile URL when they apply for postings on their websites. Alternatively, users can utilize a reverse lookup method by opening up any candidate or contact record, and SmartSearch will automatically search LinkedIn for a matching profile, adding the URL to the database.

“SmartSearch has always provided a full suite of relationship management tools to support social network sourcing with advanced XML feeds,” said L.J. Morris, CTO of APS, “SmartSearch was one of the first ATS to enable users to access personal profiles and see related records posted on business and social networking communities such as LinkedIn.”

SmartSearch is currently in its fifteenth release, serving over 165,000 users and 4.7 million job seekers worldwide.

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