June 2, 2011

Apply with Linkedin: Six Views

Apply with LinkedinBusiness sites, social media outlets, and online recruiting sites are buzzing about Linkedin’s new Apply with Linkedin button – and it hasn’t even launched yet! Why is this little new job application service causing so much debate and speculation?



  • Job search is one of the main uses of the web. The Linkedin apply button has the ability to transform the job search process.
  • Job search is big business. Major job board operators, applicant systems, and employers could be affected if applying to jobs with Linkedin takes off.
  • It’s a clear example of social media possibly changing a large market. Resumes survived the Internet, but social media might knock ’em dead.
  • There’s a lot of friction out there. Candidates hate applying to tons of jobs. Employers hate that they get unqualified resumes. Something has to change and this might be it.

Will the new apply with Linkedin service cause:

  • The death of job boards?
  • Tons of resume spamming to major employers?
  • Shifts in the applicant tracking / enterprise recruiting software market?
  • The death of resumes?
  • Easy job application for everyone?
  • Or is it just another boring web widget?

Here is some of the recent online discussion:

  1. Recruiter: Apply with Linkedin Button: “Linkedin could become a web standard instead of a website.”
  2. Mashable: Linkedin to Launch Job Application Button: “LinkedIn has long dominated the professional corner of social media. Integrating itself further within the jobs space is a smart move.”
  3. Fast CompanyThe “Apply With LinkedIn” Button Will Not Disrupt HR Industry: “Instead, it seems, it’s really just a glorified resume-submission tool.”
  4. GigaOM (they broke the story): Exclusive: LinkedIn to Launch Job Application Tool: “Job recruitment is a lucrative but decentralized industry, so it makes sense that LinkedIn is working to become a more deeply ingrained player on both the employer and applicant sides of the space.”
  5. Forbes: Linkedin is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business: “Job boards and traditional resumes are going to fade faster than I even predicted!”
  6. Linkedin (related post): Bringing Companies and Jobs APIs to the Professional Web: “Now every company’s career site can feature their LinkedIn jobs and enable users to search by location, job function, industry, and most importantly access their relationship to the company employees and hiring manager through our professional graph.”

Candidates don’t have the ability to apply with Linkedin yet – but the buzz surrounding the launch of the new service is certainly impressive. It does show the tremendous interest and potential for applying social network profile data to the employment market.

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